Neil DeGrasse Tyson Reads Mean Tweets About His Movie Commentary

We got a badass over here.

People are being mean to Neil deGrasse Tyson on Twitter and now it's his turn to respond.

As part of a semi-ongoing series on the National Geographic's website, Mr. Cosmos himself is responding to some of the mean tweets he gets online, this time about his movie commentary. The "StarTalk" host and beloved Internet meme has a penchant for calling out unsupported science in sci-fi movies and his tweets have gotten some pretty heated responses online.

But he's firing back now. The first tweet he reads, from @JoshFromSchool, called Tyson a "dweeb" and maintained "nobody watches science fiction movies for the science."

With all his usual grace (and a bit of sass), Tyson responded, "I wouldn't say nobody watches science fiction moves for the science. I would say for sure @JoshFromSchool doesn't watch science fiction movies for the science."

"But if you watch science fiction movies for the science you can get ideas about how to invent tomorrow," he continued. "So, among all those who are inventing tomorrow, I do not expect to see @JoshFromSchool among you."

Watch the video to see more of Tyson clapping back at Twitter bullies.

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