Neil deGrasse Tyson And Steve Harvey Have Beef Over Uranus

How old are they again?

Uranus is the butt of a lot of jokes. 

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson posted a snippet of him and “Celebrity Family Feud” host Steve Harvey arguing over the ill-named planet Sunday. The tweet came ahead of the airing of the Tyson family’s appearance on the show. Apparently, the scientist couldn’t help but take a dig at the host’s pronunciation of a certain planet. 

″Yup, @IAmSteveHarvey blew a gasket after I told him pronouncing Uranus as “Your-Anus” was okay for 8-yr-olds, but not adults,” Tyson tweeted.

Um, was there another way to say Uranus? 

This might explain a joke Harvey, 60, made to Tyson, 58, in a clip released on July 7 in anticipation of the episode. He made the crack after a great round of Fast Money.

“You don’t get this Neil, your Uranus is gonna be a lot of trouble,” Harvey said.

If we’re being honest, both these men sound like they’re 8-year-old boys. But it definitely gave the internet a few solid chuckles. 

Although, with all his wisdom and knowledge, Tyson has yet to answer the biggest question of all: who is crazy enough to play him in a trivia game? 

Watch the Tyson family annihilate former basketball icon Rick Fox and his family in Fast Money.  



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