Yes, Neil DeGrasse Tyson Watched The Slow-Motion Video That Makes Him Seem Stoned

What Neil DeGrasse Tyson Had To Say About The 'Stoned' Video

Neil deGrasse Tyson can most definitely take a joke.

After a slow-motion version of a video in which the astrophysicist discusses Sir Isaac Newton was posted on YouTube, many commented that Tyson appeared stoned. It wasn't long before Tyson spotted the video and responded.

It seems Tyson got enough of a kick out of the clip that he decided to play it during a public lecture at the University of Toronto on March 21. In a video shared by an attendee, Tyson pulls up the YouTube video and explains that this is "what you would see if it were moving at 85 percent of the speed of light."

"But someone did -- I didn't, I don't do that -- somebody did this," Tyson tells a laughing audience, before proceeding to play the rest of the video.

Watch Tyson's response to the slow-mo video above.

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