Hold On To Your Butts! Neil deGrasse Tyson Compares 'The Good Dinosaur' To A New Earthbound Asteroid

Mark your calendar for April 13, 2029. Not even Pixar can save us.

"The Good Dinosaur" imagines an alternate history wherein that infamous asteroid bypasses Earth and the Jurassic era continues. Famed astrophysicist and science-fiction fact-checker Neil deGrasse Tyson has already said that humans might not have evolved into the dominant species had dinosaurs stuck around, and now, in an exclusive video commissioned by Disney, deGrasse Tyson outlines just what it means for an asteroid to sidestep the planet. If the dinos had survived, it turns out they'd be ducking for cover once again in several years. 

Watch below. "The Good Dinosaur" is now in theaters.


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