'Neil DeGrasse Tyson Funks The Universe' VIDEO Makes Rap Out Of Physics Conversation

WATCH: Neil DeGrasse Tyson Remixed With Funky Beat

Want to hear celebrated astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson "get funky?"

Just check out the YouTube video above. It takes his mind-blowing physics conversation from popular podcast series The Joe Rogan Experience -- then turns it into a rap, sets it to hip hop artist Wax Tailor's eerie song "Time To Go," and illustrates it with amazing animations. You'll even see Dr. Tyson spin through the galaxy in a space suit.

As the YouTube video's creator, Andy Greenhaw, a Denver-based multimedia journalist and videographics editor, explained on Twitter:

The most provocative subjects Tyson talks about?

Life on Mars, and the possibility we descended from those life forms: "If Mars formed life, then life on Earth could have been seeded by life on Mars, making every life form on earth descended from Martians."

And what about the mysteries of black holes?

"Do you realize that if you fall into a black hole, you will see the entire future of the Universe unfold in front of you in a matter of moments and you will emerge into another space-time created by the singularity of the black hole you just fell into," Tyson asks.

Rogan reacts, "You just broke the Internet."

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