Neil Diamond Thanks Colorado Firefighters With Private Concert

The singer came out of retirement to perform for firefighters who have battled a horrific blaze.

The man who wrote and sang “Sweet Caroline” did a sweet thing for Colorado firefighters last week.

Neil Diamond retired in January because of Parkinson’s disease, which makes it difficult for him to travel and perform. 

But he briefly unretired on Friday to perform a few songs ― including “Sweet Caroline” ― to firefighters who for almost all of July have been battling the massive Lake Christine blaze in Colorado.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer has lived in the area near Aspen for years and wanted to personally thank the firefighters for risking their lives for homeowners,  according to Inside Edition.

“I love these faces,” Diamond said. “I want to take you all home. I want to give you a kiss. I want to make dinner for you. I just want to say thank you from the people of this area… I’ve been here for 20 years, and you made everybody happy. The heaviness on our hearts is gone… We thank you for making the trip and to our local guys as well.” 

He also lightened the mood by joking, “Now, you have to save my house,” he said, according to Denver TV station KMGH.

The blaze has burned an estimated 12,588 acres since the beginning of the month, but was 82 percent contained as of Sunday night, according to KMGH.

Even as the 77-year-old Diamond announced his retirement from live performances at the start of this year, he vowed to remain active in writing, recording and other projects “for a long time to come.”

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