Neil Gaiman Deftly Turns Twitter Troll's Racist 'Good Omens' Rant Against Them

The troll freaked out because the voice of God in the fantasy comedy is played by a woman, and Adam and Eve are black.

Acclaimed author Neil Gaiman responded to a Twitter troll’s racist rant about his new Amazon show “Good Omens” in the most eloquent way.

The troll apparently freaked watching the opening scenes of the fantasy comedy-drama about an angel and demon living on Earth as the apocalypse approaches because the voice of God is female (played by Frances McDormand), and Adam and Eve are black.

“You can take your bullshit show and your forced diversity elsewhere,” the troll tweeted at Gaiman, adding, “I shut it off after the first minute.”

Gaiman, however, had a perfect clap back:

The six-episode mini-series hit Amazon last week. It’s based on the bestselling 1990 book of the same name that Gaiman wrote alongside the late British author Terry Pratchett.

Gaiman wrote, created and also acted as showrunner for the new TV production.

Michael Sheen (the angel), David Tennant (the demon), Benedict Cumberbatch, Jon Hamm, Nick Offerman, Miranda Richardson, Jack Whitehall and David Morrissey also star.

Gaiman’s response was well received by fans:

Check out the trailer for “Good Omens” here:

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