Neil Livingstone, Montana Governor Candidate, Advised Readers On Overseas Prostitution

Neil Livingstone, the counterterrorism expert who's running to be Montana's next Republican governor, explained to the Associated Press last week how once he wound up on a yacht full of prostitutes, where his wife was "the only non-hooker on board." As it turns out, Livingstone apparently once purported to be an expert on the issue of overseas prostitution, reports the Montana Cowgirl Blog.

Livingstone's 1996 book, "Protect Yourself in an Uncertain World: A Comprehensive Handbook for Your Personal and Business Security," included a chapter on nightlife that advised readers on navigating "adult entertainment districts," according to an excerpt that was uploaded onto Scribd and later deleted. (Livingstone's book appears to be out of print and is not listed in the Library of Congress catalog.) In fairness to Livingstone, the chapter included a preface:

"I do not recommend that you indulge in illicit pleasures such as gambling, drugs, or prostitution, but experience suggests that many people, despite the risks, do so. This chapter is designed to help you minimize the personal risks involved, especially when you are traveling in a foreign country."

But for those willing to take the gamble, Livingstone had plenty of advice. Among the many boldfaced nuggets of wisdom are "Don't try to cheat a hooker"; "Never give the hooker your real name"; "Select a high-quality brothel"; "Agree on a price in advance"; and "Never let the hooker pay the bar bill," as some prostitutes use it as a means to run up the john's tab, according to Livingstone.

Under the heading "Double pleasure can be double trouble," the author explains: "Never take those two-for-one deals. When you get the women back to the room, one may rifle through your pockets while the other is taking you around the world."

Livingstone, who's written several books on terrorism, has a swashbuckler's reputation and once launched a company billed as "a private CIA." The yacht incident surfaced in a Libyan cable leaked last year, which said Livingstone was part of a group trying to negotiate a safe haven for Muammar Gaddafi. According to the AP, Livingstone said he was "trying to bring a quick end to the bloodshed."

"Without going into detail that I can't, I have served as a liaison for my government and others in terms of dealing with most of the difficult people on Earth," Livingstone told AP. "There is a necessity to work with some of the bad guys in the world. You are not going to find these people in church or wherever."

"I am not recommending prostitution to anyone, nor did I say I engaged with prostitutes," Livingstone went on. "I took my wife. She was the only non-hooker on board."