Neil Munro: Chris Wallace, Shep Smith Hammer Reporter Interrupting President (VIDEO)

Fox News Hosts Hammer Obama Heckler

Fox News anchors Shep Smith and Chris Wallace hammered Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro for his interruption of President Obama during an immigration address on Friday.

Munro twice interrupted Obama, who was visibly angered by the incidents. Later, Munro said that he had "mistimed" his questions and had not intended to interrupt him.

"This was weird," Smith said to Wallace.

"I think it's outrageous," Wallace said. "...The idea that you would interrupt the president in the middle of prepared remarks and shout a question — I don’t think the guy should be allowed back in the White House on a press pass and my guess is he won't be."

"I'm hoping maybe Tucker [Carlson, the Daily Caller's editor] didn't see it, didn't know the context, because Tucker knows better," Smith said. "He does. He knows better."

Carlson told The Huffington Post that he saw nothing wrong with Munro's actions.

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