Will He Host The Oscars?

Neil Patrick Harris is the host with the most here in 2013: He successfully emceed the Tony Awards for the fourth time back in June, and will take center stage at the Emmy Awards for a second time in September. The one awards show not on Harris' resume, however, is the Oscars.

E! caught up with Harris in Las Vegas recently and asked the "How I Met Your Mother" star when fans will see him on the Oscar stage.

"When they ask me?" Harris said. "Someday. Who knows?"

Harris is routinely on Oscar host wish lists, but the actor has said in the past that it's not necessarily a job he actually wants.

"I am actively anti-campaigning. I don't think it's the big job everyone thinks it is," Harris said in an interview with HitFix in 2011. "[The show itself is] a big deal, but to come out as the host? Unless you are doing Billy Crystal it's really difficult. And I think if you are doing Billy Crystal I think you get hit for being Billy Crystal, so I think you're a big target regardless what you do. I mean, look at what happened with Anne [Hathaway] and James [Franco]. They just got slammed for it. Both of them."

Indeed, Oscar hosts have taken it on the chin in recent years: Crystal, who returned to host the Academy Awards for the ninth time in 2012, was on the receiving end of some poor reviews, while this year's host, Seth MacFarlane, was criticized for his off-color humor about race and gender.

For more on Harris and why he hates being asked about hosting the Oscars, head to E! Online.

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