Neil Young Releases Resistance Anthem For Fourth Of July

"Should goodness ever lose and evil steal the day, what would you do?"

Just in time for the Fourth of July, Canadian rocker Neil Young has released a surprise patriotic “resistance” anthem and music video, urging listeners to “stand up for what you believe, resist the powers that be.”

The video for “Children of Destiny” (“preserve the land and save the seas for the children of destiny”) intersperses scenes of idyllic American summers with picnics, flags, fighter jets and Fourth of July parades with stunning photos of spacious skies and amber waves — and massive protests and battle scenes.

“Should goodness ever lose, and evil steal the day, should happy sing the blues and peaceful face away — What would you do? What would you say? How would you act on that new day?” Young sings.

Young is backed by Promise of the Real, a rock band featuring Willie Nelson’s sons Lucas and Micah, and a 62-piece orchestra. The music was recorded at Capitol Studios in Hollywood.

Young announced the music video on a Facebook post. “We made a record we wanted to share with you,” he said. “We played with a bunch of people ... total strangers in the same room on a full moon, 65 of us. It was very great We had a great time. Enjoy.”

Then he launched some “covfefe” with an added message at the end.

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