This Is What Happens When A Model Eats 10 Subway Footlongs

Gulp. That's a lot of sandwich for a little person.

The beauty pageant winner ate a perfect 10.

Nela Zisser -- a model, former Miss Earth New Zealand and competitive eater -- just gobbled up 10 Subway footlong sandwiches for our viewing pleasure.

Zisser chewed up the Internet in June by eating five Subway footlongs in short order.

This time she doubled her discomfort by going more for quantity than speed. It's impressive and disgusting all at once, which pretty much sums up eating stunts.

Professional that she is, Zisser ate every last crumb.

Waste not, want not, we always say.

We wish Zisser could also have voiced our outrage at Subway raising the price of its $5 footlong to $6 in the States, but that's another story.

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