Pageant Winner And Model Nela Zisser Eats Five Subway Footlongs, And It's A Thing Of Beauty

Model Devours Five Subway Footlongs, And It's A Thing Of Beauty

Nela Zisser, a former Miss Earth New Zealand who describes herself as a model, is turning heads for her competitive eating exploits.

In a video posted Sunday, she consumes five Subway Footlong sandwiches in 9 minutes, 17 seconds, supposedly beating the 9:32 of champion glutton Matt Stonie, who published a clip of his feat several years ago.

"I was pretty stoked with my time as the last two subs were very difficult to get through!" she wrote in the description. In the video, Zisser expressed regret that all the subs she devoured had sweet onion sauce. But she downed them all like a pro.

We'll have to take Zisser at her word for the stunt because the video is edited to make it more, um, digestible. But given the People report of her Hoover-ing a 5-pound burrito in under five minutes recently, she seems like the real deal.

Zisser told The Huffington Post she had Footlongs of ham, turkey, veggie and two chicken teriyaki. For the record, Stonie ate Footlongs of turkey breast, roast beef, black forest ham, Italian BMT and veggie.

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