Nelson Mandela As Portrayed In Movies, From Danny Glover To Idris Elba

The news of Nelson Mandela's death at age 95 has prompted tributes devoted to every aspect of the former South African president's life. Like most major news events, popular culture is not excluded. The past several years have seen a throng of movies that brought Mandela's story to both the big and small screens. At least two of which garnered significant awards attention: Danny Glover earned an Emmy nomination for the 1987 TV movie "Mandela" and Morgan Freeman received an Oscar nod for 2009's "Invictus."

Mandela's life will undoubtedly be the subject of biopics to come, given the political legacy he left behind. Here are seven actors who've taken on the role over the last 25 years.

Danny Glover -- "Mandela" (1987)
danny glover

Dennis Haysbert -- "Goodbye Bafana" (2007)
dennis haysbert

Clarke Peters -- "Endgame" (2009)
clarke peters

Morgan Freeman -- "Invictus" (2009)
morgan freeman

David Harewood -- "Mrs. Mandela" (2011)
david harewood

Terrence Howard -- "Winnie Mandela" (2011)
terrence howard

Idris Elba -- "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" (2013)
idris elba



Nelson Mandela (Captions by AP)