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Nelson Mandela Speeches: Remembering Madiba In His Own Words

Former South African President Nelson Mandela, who served 27 years in prison for anti-apartheid activities and led his continent into a new era, has died at age 95.

World leader, civil rights icon, South African hero, Nelson Mandela will be remembered not only through the millions of lives he touched throughout his long life, but also through the words of wisdom he has shared in speeches all across the world.

From his rabble-rousing while leading South Africa's anti-apartheid movement, to his first address as the newly elected president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela's speeches remind us just how powerful and world-changing words can be. As we reflect on his legacy, check out some of Nelson Mandela's most poignant and eloquent moments in front of a microphone.

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Nelson Mandela Speeches

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