NeNe Leakes Opens Up On Reality Television Not Being Scripted (VIDEO)

On a recent episode of "The Talk" realty star NeNe Leakes made a special guest appearance where she opened up on how "real" and unscripted the confrontations are on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

"They're very real. We're not scripted, and we say whatever we want to say," she said. "They're not amped up for television at all."

In addition to admitting how exhausting and negative the fighting can take a toll on her, she also added how being on a public platform can ruin relationships.

"You're on this platform and people are judging and talking about you, and relationships break up because you're on television... I don't know what reality television does, but it breaks up relationships." Check out NeNe's interview in the clip above.