NEOCAMP, Queer Artist, Releases Video For ':O :O :O'

NEOCAMP is an Irish-born artist and musician currently working and living in New York City.

NEOCAMP's work is cutting-edge, embodying heavy queer overtones and informed largely by Internet culture. He previously appeared on The Huffington Post in conjunction with "Bushwick Gone Basel" -- the Brooklyn takeover of the beloved Miami art festival.

A more extensive profile on NEOCAMP will appear on HuffPost Gay Voices in conjunction with a new series being curated by Associate Editor JamesMichael Nichols in the future. In the meantime, check out NEOCAMP's latest video titled ":O :O :O" and a Q&A with the artist below.

The Huffington Post: What is your concept for this video?
NEOCAMP: Well, the song dictated the video and the track is about the twilight of being up all night alone, and the disconnect to reality that happens when you're a computer addict like me. Its blue because I wanted to make a literal visualization of "l'heure bleu" (the blue hour) which refers to that shimmering time between day and night. The narrative is basically narcissus, but instead of a pool he's looking into, its an iPad. I was trying to convey a mood of melancholy, but also a kind of transcendence. Sometimes I revel in the self-reflexive fuzziness of staying up all night.

Who is NEOCAMP as an artist?
NEOCAMP is an attempt to sincerely synthesize my personal experience in the semantic soup of contemporary web/media culture. It has become who I project my private fantasies onto. An Avatar. NEOCAMP is "being a pop musician" with a wink.

How does your queer identity inform your work?
First, while I like the idea of being "post-queer" in that I very much don't define myself by my sexuality or gender, I think being visibly queer is inescapably political. And it's the queer aspect of my work (and being) that people seem to respond to (positively or negatively). I refuse to bend my image for a "straight audience." But, truly, I'm just trying to be myself and being queer probably informs my whole experience and outlook, and I think my work reflects that.

What do you have planned for the future?
I've been working on a new album for a million years which should be finished soon. I've been working with a bunch amazing artists that I've met in real life in New York and some online babes. It's a two-part album and it's a bit ambitious, but hopefully super cute. I've also been working with some amazing visual artists and we're hoping to create an alternate reality with a ton of visuals. After that, I'm hoping to do a very mini tour in the US and Europe this summer.

Keep you eye on HuffPost Gay Voices for more from NEOCAMP and head here to visit the artist's Instagram.

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