Neocon 'Emergency Committee for Israel' Based Out Of 'Committee for the Liberation of Iraq' Offices

In a nice catch, Eli Clifton reports that the Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI), the latest neocon astroturf pro-war outfit, is based out of the same office as a previous neocon astroturf pro-war outfit, the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq (CLI):

The evidence lies in a a letter from ECI's executive director (pdf), Noah Pollak, to Comcast regarding the attack ad the group has been running in Pennsylvania. The letterhead bears the following address: "918 Pennsylvania Ave., SE · Washington, D.C. 20003."

That address happens to be the same as that of Orion Strategies, a public-relations consultancy owned and operated by renowned GOP lobbyist Randy Scheunemann, who, in addition to serving as president of the CLI, has been retained since the 2008 elections as Sarah Palin's personal -- and Bill Kristol-approved -- foreign-policy trainer.

The connection to Orion Strategies comes through former Weekly Standard web editor and regrettable McCain campaign spokesman Michael Goldfarb, who joined Scheunemann's firm last January, and serves as an adviser to the Emergency Committee for Israel. In addition to his work with ECI, Goldfarb also advises the Liz Cheney/Bill Kristol-led Keep America Safe, and was a research associate at the Project for the New American Century, which served as the mothership for various neocon enterprises in the late 1990's and early 2000's, most notably the invasion of Iraq.

In addition to serving as president of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, Scheunemann served as PNAC's director, and was a key ally of Iran-connected con-man Ahmad Chalabi.

Considering how disastrous the Iraq invasion was, not only for U.S. security but also for Israel's -- driving radicalism and sectarianism in the region, vastly increasing Iranian influence in the region and allowing it to advance its nuclear program -- it is deeply ironic that the people operating the "Emergency Committee for Israel" are among those most responsible for creating that "emergency" in the first place.

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