Neoconservatism Is Dead

Never has any philosophy been proven so wrong, so fatal, so disastrous for our country and so deadly for our troops as the views expounded by neoconservative theoreticians.
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Charles Krauthammer, not content with having been proven deadly wrong in
his world view of many years, learning nothing from the bloody disasters
of the policies he so aggressively promoted, now attacks Barack Obama
for suggesting America should talk with enemies as well as friends.

Our first and last neoconservative President,
George W. Bush, is the lead witness for the
prosecution in the case whose verdict is
the death of neoconservatism.

Never has any philosophy been proven so
wrong, so fatal, so disastrous for our country
and so deadly for our troops as the views
expounded by neoconservative theoreticians.

Their ascent to power meant tragedy, failure
and death. Their arrogance and their imperial
grandeur has alienated what Jefferson called
the decent opinion of mankind. Their tactics
have been pursued with contempt for alternate
views, corruption of our democratic system,
and condescension towards those who know
far more about military affairs than they do.

In fact, one of the great specialties of the
neoconservative movement is that so many
who so ostentatiously failed to serve in the
military, when their time came, so sneeringly
question the patriotism of others, including
those awarded medals for valor in combat.

When Ronald Reagan was changing the
world with Mikhail Gorbachev, there were
the neoconservatives, uttering their sneering
contempt for Reagan, comparing his talks
with Gorbachev to Pearl Harbor, comparing
his diplomacy to Neville Chamberlain.

George Bush, Dick Cheney, and their fellow
neoconservatives know better than Reagan
about negotiating with enemies. They know
better than Eisenhower about military industrial
complexes. They know better than Ford about
seeking diplomatic agreements to control the
spread of weapons of mass destruction. They
know better than Nixon about achieving
breakthroughs with our major adversaries.

They are very good about hurling insults to
attack their domestic enemies and very bad
about supporting wounded troops, disabled
veterans and homeless heroes.

Neoconservatives are very special people,
in their own eyes. When things go wrong
they become the party of perjury and pardons,
the party of abuse of power and abuse of
executive privilege to cover up their failures
and crimes.

Neoconservatives champion the politics of
fear, desperately seeking to frighten the
people to justify their attacks on freedoms
guaranteed by statute and constitution.

Neoconservatives embody the politics of
profiteering, masterminding and organizing
the most corrupt occupation in world history,
staffed by ideological partisans, rewarding their
campaign contributors, mismanaging tens of
billions of lost and stolen dollars, under
the imperial arrogance of a proconsul
awarded the Presidential Medal Of Freedom.

Neoconservatives know better than generals,
with their contempt for the Geneva Convention
and their actions that civilized people call

Our neoconservative theoreticians believe
that George Washington was wrong and
George Bush is right. Even torture is done
with the big lie that they are promoting
freedom and democracy with their corrupt
occupation, their war against the Geneva
Convention, and their shadow CIA created in
the bowels of Rumsfeld's neoconservative
Department of Defense.

And then they try to keep their secrets.

And then they lie about what they do.

And then they bear false witness to Congress.

And then they claim that criminal acts are
protected by privilege.

And then they complain when confronted by
the law.

And then they whine when juries convict their leaders of perjury and
demand the first of many presidential pardons.

And then they escalate their catastrophic war
over the objection of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

And now they want to continue this war in perpetuity and dump this
disaster on the desk of the successor, to the man who calls himself the

And there they are, again, today, on the oped
pages of the newspapers, in their discredited
think tanks, on their hate ridden right wing
radio, before the smirking courtiers of the
cable networks, still claiming they are right
and their deadly blunders must be escalated
again, and again.

Neoconservatism is dumb, discredited, and dead.

While they cover up their dirty laundry, and
plan their next wars, and hire their criminal
attorneys, and lobby for their pardons, the
clock is ticking, the day is coming, when a
a grateful nation will celebrate their removal
from the high councils of government, once
and for all.

Neoconservatism is dead.

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