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Neova DNA Total Repair Lotion Will Make Your Old Knees Look Young Again

If my knees could talk, they would tell stories of how I banged them up as a child playing hopscotch on crooked sidewalks and falling off my 10-speed purple bike. While I've since come to accept my knobby knees as they are, I still want them to appear somewhat attractive.

So when a fellow beauty maven told me that I could use Neova DNA Total Repair to soften up my knees, I was all in, especially since a knee lift isn't an option.

“The star ingredient inside this tiny white bottle are DNA repair enzymes. Commonly used in skincare products, DNA repair enzymes have been shown to play a major role in removing damage caused to the skin by UV exposure, which translates to correcting damaged and wrinkly skin.

My four-month journey to younger-looking knees went something like this...

neova dna total repair
Neova DNA Total Repair, $99,

The directions instructed me to apply the moisturizer onto my face and neck after cleansing. So I just followed that same guidance when it came down to my knees, making sure that my skin was completely dry. The lotion goes on surprisingly light and it has a fresh scent.

My initial reaction was, "Wow, my knees look nice and shiny, but not too greasy!" However, it took at least three weeks for me to feel an actual difference in the texture of my skin. Then I eventually noticed how smooth my kneecaps actually appeared poking through my sheer tights. (I was totally checking myself out in the mirror.)

The roughness that was my knees has just about completely cleared up, reminding me of those days before they were badly bruised. And I've also experimented with the lotion on my elbows and seen a significant difference. Maybe I should consider using skincare products the "wrong" way even more.

Rating 5 out of 5: There is no need to go under the knife when you can just slather this rich lotion on and walk away with prettier knees.

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