Nepal Calls: Part Three

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This is third in a series of 'Nepal Calls:',(Nepal Calls: One and Nepal Calls:Two published earlier); emails and images from a pastor, and head of an orphanage in Nepal, after the devastating earthquake this year. Here are updates: All material is that of Reuben Rai, and his latest email and images below:

"From: Reuben Rai June 14, 1015 at 7:42 AM

To: DD

Hi Debbie

Here is the brief information update: Earthquake Victims Free Medical Camp Name of Leading Organization: Churches Network Nepal Other Partners: Chyama Medical Barhabise and World Mission Alliance, USA.

Service type 1: Relief Supplies to Earthquake Victims

Service type 2: Free Medical Treatment and Medicines distribution to Earthquake Victims

Areas served in this week: Bode in Bhaktapur, Balkumari in Lalitpur, Barhabise, Tyangthali, Phulpingkatti, Kodari in Sindhpalchwok.

Types of disease treated: Blood Pressure, Dizziness, Diarrhea, Rash, Broken Eardrum, Gastric, Infections, Allergy, Chest burn, Pneumonia, Wound dressing, Sugar, Nausea, Fever, Eye (Vision).

Number of people patient served: 1100 People.

Date: 5-12 June, 2015

Medicines: Mainly from USA, rest local medicines.






2015-06-14-1434321581-9477563-tn3.jpg 2015-06-14-1434321624-8425383-tn4.jpg






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