Viral Swimming Pool Video Shows 2010 Mexico Earthquake, Not Nepal (CORRECTION)

CORRECTION: Closed-circuit TV video that purported to show the effects of the earthquake in Nepal -- and was published as such Monday in The Huffington Post -- had been posted online prior to its association with the Nepalese quake.

The video began circulating Saturday on various social media channels, but without the timestamp that is featured in the previous versions. Data associated with that footage is consistent with a location in the vicinity of Baja, California on April 4, 2010.

Northern Mexico experienced a magnitude 7.2 earthquake on that afternoon, which was felt as far off as Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The footage shows a swimming pool erupting into violent waves, and a fixed camera rattling from the impact. The tremors last almost a full minute, forcing huge surges of water onto the pool deck.

The misattributed video had been viewed more than 5 million times as of Monday afternoon, but does not in fact depict any location in Nepal, contrary to any suggestion below to that effect.


A closed-circuit TV video purporting to capture the earthquake in Nepal that has claimed thousands of lives and left a dire humanitarian crisis has emerged online, and shows the terrifying force of the disaster.

In the footage, the swimming pool of what is claimed to be a hotel in Nepal's capital erupts into violent waves, and the fixed camera rattles from the impact. The tremors last almost a full minute, as the power of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake can be seen forcing huge surges of the water onto the pool deck.

Posted on Facebook on Saturday night by Amlesh Singh, the video was viewed more than 5 million times as of Monday afternoon. It offers perhaps another terrifying scene from the worst earthquake to hit Nepal in over 80 years, with a death toll of more than 4,000 that is expected to rise.

The WorldPost could not independently verify the video, and Singh did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Aid agencies and government officials are scrambling to deliver relief to victims of the quake, which include over a million children who are said to have been severely affected. An international response is on its way as well, with U.S. military personnel due to arrive on Monday and other nations also pledging their support.



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