Nepali Rap Artist Prakash Neupane's New Bang on Nepali Politics

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Prakash Neupane is rocking again with his new song 'Bang Bang'. Recently released “Bang Bang” is a political gangsta song which shows the real face of Nepali politicians and political clash in Nepal. Country's Famous young star Neupane has dedicated his song 'Bang Bang' to the victims of political strikes in Nepal.

A new Constitution was promulgated in Nepal on 20 September 2015. It potentially ended a saga that began shortly after the end of the Maoist war in 2006. But some ethnic groups remained deeply unhappy with the new constitution - and its birth-pangs had been violent. At least 50 people have died in clashes linked to the constitution in Nepal. Neupane is trying to reflect the political situation and clash on his new song.

One of the promising rap artists from Nepal 20 years old Newpane has released 20 songs including Sunana, Aaideuna, Maya Basa & U Got Me. Neupane is also known as Lil’ G by his stage name. He has been influenced by Girish Khatiwada, the godfather of Nepali rap industry.

Prakash is  performing in Kathmandu.
Prakash is performing in Kathmandu.

'From the early age, I started to write poems and faiths. I used to wish I could have a good voice. I started singing from my schooldays. I used to sing out different rhymes, Nepalese songs with my schoolmates. I used to take part in E.C.A which used to hold in schools. I got influenced by rap after listening to Girish khatiwada's rap songs.' Prakash recalls how he began rapping and how writing a rhyme.

Prakash came to the spotlight in 2015 with his fourth official music video “Aaideuna”. Currently, Prakash has been now studying his Bachelors level studies in Morgan International College, with Humanities Stream. The subject seems to satisfy Prakash himself.

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