Nerd Is the New Sexy

It used to be if someone called me a nerd, I would take it as an insult. When you are a kid, name calling was never an easy pill to swallow, and nerd was at the top of the insult list. No longer. Today I wear the title "nerd" proudly. If you don't know it yet, nerd is the new sexy. How do I know it is so? Because people that are passionate about what they do are sexy. People that care about being a great student of life and never stop learning are sexy. And honestly, nerds built the modern world, and that is damn sexy too! It's great to be a nerd.

When it comes to nerds, in the words of Arthur Fonzarelli (The "Fonz" from Happy Days), "Live and let live." Embrace what you are and be proud, as I am, to be a nerd. We all have our approach to business and to me (and many others) in the Kingdom of Sexy, nerd is is the crown jewel. If I can somehow align myself with amazing, accomplished experts like Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales (all self proclaimed nerds), I consider myself fortunate to be a nerd.

Here are some 4 common characteristics that nerds share:

The driving force in life is passion. Without passion, you are letting life happen instead of making life happen. Consider yourself lucky if you have passion pushing you to do more, be more and achieve more. The problem with most people is that they are too busy making a living and not busy enough making a life. Being passionate, nerds blur the line between business and personal relationships, and the people they associate with (including friends and family) also blur the dividing line as well. Since nerds are passionate about what they are doing, they become successful, stupendous and sexy.

I have yet to meet a dumb nerd. Because nerds focus on what they are passionate about, they become a student of life. As they continue to study, they become the sought-after experts and they teach others about the subject they are passionate about. In order to learn from them, non-nerds beat a path to the nerds and pay handsomely for their knowledge. Yesterday's outcast becomes today's popular choice. And it is definitely sexy to be wanted for your brain.

Nerds know their world and their surroundings. They know the movers and shakers in their industries and, better yet, they know how to connect with the influencers and powerhouses in their select industries as well. When traditional networking doesn't make a strong connection, nerds know how to use technology to put people and ideas together. Along with making valuable connections, comes the power that binds those connections as well. Powerful, strong and sexy is today's nerd.

Everyone knows the importance of building lasting relationships, in order to build a successful business. The key to building great relationships is found in being a great communicator. Nerds embrace communication, understanding the delicate balance between the triangle points of knowledge, personality and communication. Nerds look at nonverbal communication, stay calm under pressure, and are sensitive to the fact that everyone is an individual. Want to be an effective communicator? Talk nerdy to me.

Nerds are the new trendsetters, and if you aren't one yet, come join the ranks with the rest of us. We are nonjudgemental, very welcoming and if you don't know it yet, we are all sexy as hell.