Kids Are Pulling Out Their Wobbly Teeth In The Most Insane Ways

A nerf gun is used in the latest viral video.

Pulling out a wobbly tooth used to be a simple rite of passage for kids.

But now it's ultra-competitive, as children see who can do it in the most spectacular fashion.

The latest video going viral sees little Addy's dad hooking her loose fang up to a Nerf gun. She pulls the trigger and her ivory is sent soaring across the room. 

It's unclear exactly when or where the clip was filmed. The Huffington Post has reached out for more information.

Other children have previously used a range of unorthodox objects and methods to pull out their teeth:

  • Slingbow
    Alexis Davidson, 11, from Aurora, Colorado, pulled her loose tooth out with a slingbow.
  • Parrot
    Anton Androshchuk let parrot Gosha do the honors. But he stopped allowing his pet to play amateur dentist after discovering the human mouth harbors bacteria that can be fatal when introduced to birds.
  • Quadcopter
    Malcolm Swan tied 8-year-old son Alan's loose tooth to a string attached to the 'copter, then went full throttle.
  • Rocket
    This kid's tooth got blasted up into the sky.
  • Remote Control Car
    The Tooth Fairy will want to catch a ride.
  • Sports Car
    The Chevrolet Camaro SS owner put its 6.2-liter engine to good use.
  • Golf Club And Ball
    This 7-year-old let his dad pull the wobbly tooth by playing golf.
  • Pet dog
    Gabrielle let pet pup Buttercup perform some amateur dentistry.
  • Javelin
    Olympic decathlon champion Bryan Clay used a javelin to pull out daughter Ellie's tooth.
  • Doorknob
    This kid reverted to the trusted tying of his tooth to a doorknob with dental floss for the extraction.

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