Nerf Reveals Its New Mascot, And Its Monstrous Look Is Turning Heads

The mascot, named Murph, is the first for the foam toy maker.
Nerf products at the 2016 TTPM Holiday Showcase in New York City.
Nerf products at the 2016 TTPM Holiday Showcase in New York City.
Richard Drew via Associated Press

Nerf, the popular foam toy line from Hasbro, has announced it has a mascot now, and the look has taken a number of Twitter users by surprise.

The toy creator unveiled that Murph is the company’s first mascot, Hasbro announced Friday.

Murph, who uses they/them pronouns, is made up of many, many Nerf darts and is seen rocking an orange basketball jersey with matching orange shoes in newly released pictures. The company unveiled the mascot for its “Unleash the play in you” campaign, GameInformer reported.

Adam Kleinman, Nerf’s senior vice president and general manager, said in a speech that the mascot launch is thrilling and added that it “represents the playful spirit that lives inside us all.”

Others, specifically on Twitter, joked about the monstrous amount of Nerf ammo, but others were getting chills over Murph’s unworldly but squishy look.

The mascot’s appearance caused at least one Twitter user to look for a matchup with the Philadelphia Flyers’ own terrifying-looking mascot.

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