CEO Gets Epic Retirement Party Fit For A Boss

With a send-off this awesome, this CEO will never doubt that he's "the man."

When Mark Sebba, CEO of online luxury retailer Net-a-Porter, decided to step down from the company after 11 years of service, his staff threw him a pretty boss retirement party. A video uploaded to YouTube shows Sebba walking into Net-a-Porter's London office on July 11, expecting business as usual, only to be greeted by a gospel singer and crowds of adoring employees, singing and dancing along to their own rendition of Aloe Blacc's "The Man."

Sebba navigated his way around the office to find a mariachi band, dancers, a gospel choir, acrobats and screaming "fans" holding posters of the beloved boss. Best of all, screens showed video of employees in the company's New Jersey, Shanghai and Hong Kong offices performing choreographed dances for a much-loved Sebba.

After finishing the epic farewell tour of the office, Sebba cracks a joke, telling his employees, "Thank you very much, everybody. I'm a bit overwhelmed, but how about getting back to work?"

We'll never have to wonder if his staff will miss him when he's gone.



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