Net Neutrality Vote: Twitter Users As Divided As FCC

A Web Divided: Twitterers React To Controversial Net Neutrality Vote

On Tuesday, the FCC voted to adopt a framework that aims to preserve an "open Internet" by prohibiting Internet service providers from discriminating in how they handle information traveling over their networks.

"The rules," according to the AP, "require broadband providers to let subscribers access all legal online content, applications and services over their wired networks -- including online calling services, Internet video and other Web applications that compete with their core businesses."

Although the measure passed, the Commission was far from united in its decision. All three Democrats voted "yes," but FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's two Republican colleagues took issue with the net neutrality rules.

Twitter users are also sounding off and taking sides over the FCC's net neutrality plan. Take a look through the slideshow (below) to see tweeters' reactions to Tuesday's vote. What are your thoughts about the net neutrality rules? Do they favor consumers or service providers? Do they go too far or not far enough? Let us know in the comments below.

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