Netanyahu Receives High Praise From Congress During Speech On Iran's Nuclear Program

After a controversial lead-up to his appearance, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received quite the warm response during his address to Congress on Tuesday about the risks of Iran's nuclear program.

Netanyahu began his speech by lauding Obama and the U.S. government for standing by Israel -- praise that caused the room to erupt with applause. The ovation continued as the prime minister addressed the American-Israeli relationship and urged the countries to "remain above politics." The speech took a more ominous turn as Netanyahu discussed the Islamic State and the threat of a potential U.S. deal with Iran, but it ended on yet another high note when the Israeli leader exclaimed, "God bless the United States Of America" and Congress raved in support.

See HuffPost Live's look back at Netanyahu's moments of high praise from Congress in the video above.

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Benjamin Netanyahu Addresses Congress