Netflix Says 3D and 'Super-HD' Movies Are Just Around The Corner -- But Only For Some Customers

Ever want to watch 3D movies on Netflix? Viewers -- and now TV makers -- aren't as excited as they once were to have images pop out at them. Nevertheless, the popular video streaming service announced on Tuesday that it's pressing ahead with 3D TV.

Only if you have the right Internet provider, that is.

Netflix will be providing limited 3D movie offerings and a new movie-watching format called "Super HD," the company announced in a press release.

Unfortunately, its 3D content so far may not be all that tempting. The 3D movies currently on Netflix are mostly documentaries focusing on sports and nature, along with the poorly reviewed fantasy action flick "Immortals."

Super-HD might prove more fruitful: It's a high quality 1080p video format, a tempting tier for those who adore intricate detail or like to sit close to their screens.

However, this new content is only available to viewers with Internet service providers that use Netflix "Open Connect," a program that lets Netflix lower the cost and improve the quality of streaming video, according to CNET.

Thus far, only a few major U.S. ISPs -- including Cablevision and Google Fiber -- accept Netflix's content delivery system, even though it has taking off in Europe, Canada and Latin America, according to Netflix.

Should you want to know whether your ISP streams 3D movies and Super HD, the Netflix webpage will tell you.

If you're not among the lucky few, you'll have to be content with a plain old 2D Netflix for a while.