5 Offbeat Alternatives To Netflix: Crackle, Vudu, And More

After publishing a list of the best alternatives to Netflix in the wake of the company's surprise price hike, many of our readers took to the comments section of my piece to explain to me how stupid I was for overlooking their favorite services, and for only covering the largest, most mainstream options instead of more deserving underdog websites.

I always welcome insults to my intelligence, of course; and this time, I am responding to those insults with a list of 5 more movie delivery websites that are legitimate alternatives to Netflix. This time we're not focusing on the Blockbusters or the Apples or the Hulus of the world; we're looking at some smaller, less popular websites, run by mom-and-pop operations like Wal-Mart and Sony.

But seriously, we've highlighted 5 fresh, insurgent alternatives to Netflix that are out of the view of most mainstream online movie watchers. Did I once again forget your favorite alternative to Netflix? Let me know by suggesting it using the "Add a Slide" tool below.


5 Smaller Alternatives to Netflix

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