Proof Netflix Was Always Down With 'Netflix And Chill'

Watch those hands, buddy!

Last year, "Netflix and chill" became slang for "doing sex during 'Hemlock Grove,'" but a trip down Internet memory lane reveals the video service has long traded on its ability to help you get lucky.

We used -- a tool that lets you visit archived versions of websites -- to see what looked like back in 2006. Here's what we found:

We see a couple sitting with a bowl of popcorn and one glass of wine. (Very responsible to share just one glass.) There's a cluster of Netflix DVD envelopes in front of them. It's cute.

Except... what's going on with this couple exactly? Let's take a closer look.

So far, so good. Looks like puppy love. 💖

Yep, totally innocent.

Everything's cool.

Except... wait. There are two people here, but only three hands.

Is this man's hand "missing" beneath the cushion?
Is this man's hand "missing" beneath the cushion?


Oh my.

Looks like Netflix might have been ahead of the curve in more ways than we realized. Now get a room, you two.

Alexander Kaufman contributed reporting.

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