Netflix And Kathy Bates Have A Special 4/20 Surprise

Grab the munchies and get ready to binge.

Netflix waited for the infamous 4/20 date to announce a new original series, “Disjointed,” featuring Kathy Bates. 

Get it? Dis-jointed?

According to Netflix’s press release, “Disjointed” will be a comedy series about a woman who lives out her dream of opening a dispensary in Los Angeles. The owner, played by Bates, has spent her life advocating for legalization and runs the shop with three “budtenders,” her son, and a security guard.

“All of them are more or less constantly high,” Netflix’s website declared.

The 20-episode series won’t actually be available until August 25, which seems like an awful 4/20 tease. If the promo clip is anything to go by, though, the show is probably worth the wait.

Seeing Kathy Bates emerge in a haze of smoke is definitely an interesting sight. 

“Disjointed” already has an IMDB page, which gives co-writing credits to “Two and Half Men” producer Chuck Lorre and former head writer of “The Daily Show” David Javerbaum. The series cast include Michael Tucco, from the show “Revenge,” and Elizabeth Alderfer, who had a guest spot on another Netflix series, “Orange Is the New Black.”