'Planet Earth' With Aziz Ansari Subtitles Is Way Too Real For Us

"Dude, where are you? Biggie and Tupac faked their deaths."

Did you know that animals go clubbing and have existential crises, too?

Wildlife, they’re just like us.

Okay, that’s not totally true. But a Netflix glitch totally made it seem like that was the case. 

According to an Imgur user, his friend Stav Barak was trying to watch an episode of Planet Earth in the sanctity of his home when the wrong subtitles began appearing on screen. The still photos were first published Aug. 2 to Facebook. 

Suddenly, eagles were saying they hung out in Brooklyn. Swans were getting violent. Buffalos were talking about going to bars.

Could this be the beginning of a real life Lion King? No. 

The Netflix bug was actually pulling text from the Aziz Ansari comedy special, Live at Madison Square Garden.

So, the deer pondering if they’ll ever be as good as their parents? Sadly not legit.

We’d totally watch a Planet Earth (more than we already do... ) where Aziz narrated, though. Hear that, producers? Get crackin’.

There are other modern love tails to be told.



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