Netflix April Fool's Day Prank: Implausibly Specific Categories

And You Thought Netflix Had Crazy Categories Before

Netflix seems to be very aware that, sometimes, its movie categories are a bit too precise in pinpointing exactly what we want to watch.

For April Fool's Day, Netflix added to each user's account a tongue-in-cheek movie or TV show category. What, you thought the company's algorithm looked at your viewing history and spit out "Movies Starring Estelle Getty and Some Other Guy"? Maybe it's not that implausible: "Canadian Made-For-TV Movies" and "Imaginative Time Travel Movies From The 1980s" are real categories on days other than April 1, after all. After this year's April Fool's Day prank, Netflix is just acknowledging that it's in on the joke and took it up a notch.

Here are some of the categories Netflix created for April Fool's Day. Do you see the one added to your account?

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