All Of The Shows You Should Be Binge-Watching RIGHT NOW

Here's some breaking news you'll love: Apparently, if you're binge watching TV shows, you're not alone. According to a survey released by Netflix, 61 percent of respondents binge-watch regularly, with 73 percent of respondents defining a "binge" as 2-6 episodes of the same show in one sitting. Better yet? 73 percent of respondents said they had positive feelings about this behavior.

Now that you no longer have to feel guilty about all of this, we've partnered with Netflix to help you pick out the shows you should be binge-watching right now. Since we don't recommend gluing yourself to your couch and rendering yourself friendless for say, the 2.2 days it will take to watch Mad Men, we're showing you how to watch responsibly.

So go forth. Your couch is calling.

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The 7 Shows You Should Binge-Watch Right Now

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