Netflix Actually Made The Dating App From Black Mirror's 'Hang The DJ' Episode

And, yes, it will tell you how long your relationship will last.

Valentine’s Day may already feel like an episode of “Black Mirror” for some people. But for others, there’s a new dark, yet fun, dating app inspired by the Netflix sci-fi series waiting for you to play with it.

Netflix has created its own iteration of the dating system used in the Season 4 episode, “Hang The DJ.”

For those who haven’t watched the show, the app in the story allows couples to see their relationship expiry date.

The new IRL app allows you to go to, gather a link to send to your partner, and simultaneously click a button to determine how long your love will last.

Just like on the Netflix show, the function only works if both people agree to reveal the expiration date. Both you and your partner have to push a button to reveal the date within five seconds of each other.

I tried it with a friend, and we learned the app expects us to be together for 11 years. We figure we wouldn’t make it 11 minutes together romantically, so we can’t guarantee this app’s accuracy.


Another feature of the app that matches the show is that should you back out of the reveal at the last second, the expiration of your relationship will “recalibrate” in a punitive way.

All in all, the app brings the twisted “Black Mirror” world into ours, blurring reality and making us question our very existence. Enjoy!

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