Netflix Is Bringing Back 'Care Bears' Because They Care-A-Lot

Netflix just made life "bearable" again.

The video streaming company is officially bringing back the Care Bears in a new series called "Care Bears and Cousins," according to EW.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix's chief content officer, spilled his (Tender) heart out about the news in an interview with CNN Money, saying the company is bringing back some nostalgic brands because they're already trusted by parents. The company is also developing "The Magic School Bus 360" and "Popples."

CNN's Brian Stelter tweeted out the news on Monday:

The Care Bear Cousins of course live in the Forest of Feelings and were introduced to us in "The Care Bears Movie," where they were quickly inducted into Care Bear society without much oversight.

"Care Bears and Cousins" is scheduled to premiere in early 2016, but, if you can't wait for your "Care Bears" fix, you can head on over to Netflix to check out some of the older movies and past series versions.

"Care Bears and Cousins" is set to premiere on Netflix in early 2016.



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