Paris Hilton's Kitchen, Um, Prowess Is Tested In 'Cooking With Paris' Trailer

The Netflix series, which debuts Aug. 4, finds the socialite trying her hand at a variety of dishes with the help of Kim Kardashian and other celebrity pals.

Paris Hilton’s catchphrase, “That’s hot,” takes on a more literal meaning in the new trailer for her forthcoming cooking series.

“Cooking With Paris,” which debuts on Netflix Aug. 4, promises to turn “the traditional cooking show upside down,” and Hilton makes it clear she’s no Martha Stewart in the newly released clip. The socialite and entertainer peruses the produce aisle and ― with the help of celeb pals like Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato ― tries her hand at a variety of dishes.

The results, at least based on the early footage, are decidedly mixed. At one point in the trailer, Hilton and Kardashian sit down for what appears to be an elegant, multicourse meal. “Mm-mm,” Kardashian proclaims after taking a bite, only to add moments later, “Wait, I spoke too soon.”

"Cooking With Paris" debuts on Netflix Aug. 4.
"Cooking With Paris" debuts on Netflix Aug. 4.

Of course, most viewers won’t be tuning in to “Cooking With Paris” hoping to become the next Julia Child. Whether Hilton learns to conquer the kitchen remains to be seen, of course, but her trademark humor and impeccable sense of style are intact. And, true to form, she’ll be releasing a cookbook in conjunction with the series, the cover of which is teased in the trailer.

“Cooking With Paris” is inspired by a January 2020 video in which Hilton prepared a lasagna, despite a few utensil and ingredient mishaps.

The clip instantly went viral upon its release and, to date, has garnered more than 5 million views on YouTube alone ― even if the number of viewers who succeeded in executing the recipe for themselves remains a mystery. “It’s either a brilliant piece of performance art, or a cautionary tale about what can go wrong when you believe in yourself,” wrote Vice of the clip.

Catch the “Cooking With Paris” trailer below.

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