This Is What 'Netflix And Chill' Looks Like For Longtime Couples

You and your boo try so hard, but fail each and every time.

Nothing beats wine and movie night with the one you love ... if your tired self could just manage to stay up.

That’s the eternal struggle that illustrator Dingding Hu and her boyfriend of five years deal with every weekend. Come Friday night, Hu and her sommelier boyfriend cuddle up with a wine from a different region (right now they’re into zinfandels) and settle in for some quality TV time.

Inevitably, though, this happens:

Hey, they tried!

Hu, who’s based in New York City and hails from China’s Szechuan province, says the couple is currently watching sleeping through “The Good Place.”

“We try, it’s just that both of us are really busy all the time,” she said. “Date night is quite lazy! We prefer to spend our time together at home in PJs, then pretty much pass out after a big meal.”

“I think we are officially an ‘old couple’ now, but it’s kinda sweet!” she said.

Hu has previously illustrated for HuffPost what it’s like to be in love with a foodie and what modern-day pillow talk is like. To see more of the artist’s work, visit her website or check her out on Instagram and Tumblr.

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