13 Netflix Movies To Watch With Your Family This Thanksgiving

13 Netflix Movies To Watch With Your Family This Thanksgiving

When spending time with family for Thanksgiving, the most difficult decision isn't who's going to mash the potatoes or do the dishes, but what movie to watch together. You definitely want to avoid anything with too much sex (don't watch "Nymphomanic" with your parents) or inappropriate drug humor (your grandmother may not be too fond of "Pineapple Express").

Have no fear, we've got you covered with the best family-friendly movies streaming on Netflix that you'll actually want to watch:

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Almost nothing says Thanksgiving and family like a Bond film. While a 007 marathon would be the best possible scenario, Netflix has at least one Bond movie, and who could say no to "Skyfall"? The gorgeously shot, action-packed Daniel Craig film is the perfect thing to bring the family together.
"Planes, Trains and Automobiles"
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"Planes, Trains and Automobiles" is the quintessential Thanksgiving classic, following Steve Martin's hectic journey home for the holiday as he gets stuck with John Candy. It almost doesn't feel like the holidays without rewatching this John Hughes staple.
Every family can enjoy a good ol’ action flick, especially one that stars Chris Evans. Bong Joon-ho's “Snowpiercer” defies most of today’s action tropes with its blend of sci-fi, slapstick comedy and East Asian-inspired action sequences that are so original and fun you’ll wonder why you hadn’t seen this movie yet. It also features an amazing performance from Tilda Swinton.
"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire"
Planning to take the whole family to see "Mockingjay Part 1" this holiday weekend? Why not remind them where things with Katniss left off by rewatching "Catching Fire" first?
"Galaxy Quest"
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Good comedies enjoyable for the entire family are rare these days, with many riffing off humor that may make you uncomfortable around your parents. But sci-fi parody "Galaxy Quest" is perfect to watch while digesting all that food.
"The Birdcage"
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"The Birdcage" is one of those comedies that every family can enjoy for the pure reason that Robin Williams and Nathan Lane are one of the best comedy duos ever. Whether its Lane's John Wayne walk or Williams' "Fosse! Fosse! Fosse!" dance directions, "The Birdcage" will keep you laughing non-stop. (Revisit more work of the late Mike Nichols.)
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Alexander Payne's Oscar-nominated dramedy from last year is a fantastic story about family relationships, aging and learning patience with those you love. Bruce Dern gives one of his best performances in years, along with strong supporting roles by Will Forte, June Squibb and Bob Odenkirk. If anything, "Nebraska" will make you thankful for being together with family, even if they annoy you from time to time.
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"Beginners" follows the story of an artist (Ewan McGregor) dealing with the impending death of his recently-out-of-the-closet father (Christopher Plummer) and learning to let go. The heartfelt film is a charming romance while also a reminder of the importance of family.
"Silver Linings Playbook"
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In case some of your family missed the award-winning "Silver Linings Playbook" two years ago, or if they just want to watch it again, they're in luck. This all-around solid drama with memorable performances from Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro is a good emotional movie perfect for a family gathering.
"Love Actually"
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Okay, we know it's not Christmas yet, but Thanksgiving is practically an invitation for your annual rewatching of "Love Actually." Arguably one of the best holiday films in recent years, this ensemble rom-com has something for every family member, whether its Hugh Grant's dance moves, Thomas Brodie-Sangster's adorable drummer or Bill Nighy's nude performance.
"School of Rock"
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"School of Rock," Richard Linklater's comedy and one of Jack Black's best vehicles, is a fun, feel-good movie perfect for livening spirits. Plus, who doesn't want to rock out to "Zach's Song"?
"The Nightmare Before Christmas"
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Another holiday staple, Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is s beloved film to be enjoyed at any time, but is particularly special this time of year. No matter how old you are, this movie will still make you smile.
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There's hardly a reason to not rewatch "Rent," the 2005 film adaptation of Jonathan Larson's Broadway musical. The film not only has some of the best music and dance sequences, but it also offers a look at keeping family and friends closest when things are at their hardest.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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