Netflix Introduces Video Previews To Alleviate Your Total Indecisiveness

Decisions, decisions!

Since deciding how to spend the next half hour to five days watching Netflix can be rough, the streaming giant launched a new feature on Tuesday to help us out. 

Behold: Video previews. 

People spend less than 90 seconds deciding whether they’re into a particular title, according to Netflix. To speed that process along, hovering over a title card will now cause a quick, wordless video preview to appear above to give viewers a sense of a show’s tone and its characters.

Six years ago when Netflix introduced streaming, the company said that “the technology didn’t exist to allow us to easily show video to members as they browsed through thousands of titles.” (Besides, people were still getting used to the whole “TV on the internet” thing.) 

There will soon be even more choices, too, as Netflix plans to spend an extra $1 billion in original content in 2017 ― up from $5 billion spent in 2016 ― and 20 unscripted shows. 

What a truly great time to be alive.

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