Netflix Orders 'Full House' Spin-Off, No Word Yet on the Beaver


Everyone's favorite "Uncle Jessie" John Stamos has broken the seal on the Full House comeback -- and it's on like the Beach Boys and a peanut butter/banana sandwich. Reprising their roles in Fuller House are on-screen big sis and little sis Candace Cameron-Bure and Jodie Sweetin, and stinky feet best friend Andrea Barber as "Kimmy." Stamos has signed on to produce and guest star. No word yet if twins Mary-Kate Olsen or Ashley Olsen will return -- or if we'll see a reprise of that damn beaver puppet attached to Dave Coulier's arm.

Netflix has ordered 13 episodes of Fuller House to begin airing in 2016. The new series will follow a newly-widowed D.J. (Cameron-Bure) and her three boys as they take over the famous San Francisco house that made the show so popular in the '80s. D.J.'s sister Stephanie (Sweetin) will move into the house to help her sister out and we learn that she is a musician following in the steps of her Uncle Jessie. D.J.'s best friend will also jump into the mix -- and she has a teenage daughter to make things even more interesting.

Returning cast members seem excited at the prospect. Cameron-Bure's last projects included Dancing with the Stars and a few sappy Lifetime movies. For her part, Barber was absent from Hollywood post-the original show's end in 1995. Sweetin was famously in and out of rehab for meth use, but did manage to write a book chronicling her life in the spotlight called unSweetined: A Memoir in 2010.

Barber wrote on Facebook Tuesday at 6 a.m. PT: "WE'RE BACK! After almost 20 years...the bright tights are officially coming out of retirement. The Full House sequel ‪#‎FullerHouse‬ is premiering exclusively on Netflix in 2016!"

Cameron-Bure tweeted: "We never stopped RT @andreabarber: Are you ready to be best friends again @candacecbure? #FullerHouse @netflix."

Stamos revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday, "We've been working on this for many, many years. The original creator, Jeff Franklin, and Bob Boyett and Tom Miller, we were trying to do some kind of spinoff. We wanted to give credit to the legacy. We didn't want to just sort of throw it away."

Stamos further explained the plot.

It starts sort of as a reunion and then spins off. Candace has three boys and it's sort of a reversal. And we turn the house over to her. But it's a labor of love. We've been literally trying for so many years to do it right. And I think we finally got it perfect.

"The continued support of Full House fans of all ages for the last 28 years has been astounding. It is an honor and a thrill to catch up with these beloved characters and explore their lives today," executive producers Robert L. Boyett, Thomas L. Miller, and Jeff Franklin said in a statement released by Netflix. "The love you saw on the show was real. The cast has remained a loving family off-screen all these years. We are as excited as our fans to finally bring Full House back to life."

The question I have is this: will there be any gay characters on the show? Any lesbian prospects? Maybe Stephanie decides she wants to go all Joan Jett on the household or something to that slant (Sweetin did pose for a NOH8 photo)? The reason I ask is this: both Cameron-Bure and her Growing Pains brother Kirk Cameron have been vocal against the LGBT community over the years, and believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. The '80s child in me is excited about the reunion; the LGBT advocate for equality is cringing. Netflix currently houses pro-LGBT hit show Orange is the New Black, so there's some hope... right?