Phishing Scam Targeting Netflix May Trick You With Phony Customer Service Reps

This Scam On Netflix Is A Doozy

A new phishing scam targeting Netflix subscribers preys on our blind trust of customer service representatives when it comes to our personal information.

Users being targeted by the scam will see a phony webpage modeled after the Netflix login page. When a user enters Netflix account info, the scam site claims that the user's Netflix account has been suspended due to "unusual activity" and then provides a fake customer service number. When the user calls that number, a representative on the phone recommends a download of "Netflix support software," which is actually remote login software that gives the scammers complete access to your computer. The scammers may also ask for copies of photo IDs or credit cards.

Here's the fake page that users targeted by the scam see after they've attempted to enter their Netflix login info:
netflix phish
This page was designed to trick Netflix customers into calling a phony number and handing over sensitive personal data to someone posing as a Netflix customer service employee. Note that the URL is not

Jérôme Segura of Malwarebytes Unpacked first noticed the scam on Feb. 28 and made a handy video (above) to protect customers from falling for it. He told The Huffington Post that users might stumble across the fake site via a link in a phishing email, pop-up window or ad.

Segura says that while he was on the phone with the "rogue representatives," they were busy searching his computer for things like banking information or lists of passwords.

There are plenty of red flags here to warn customers that something is awry, but for those who are too trusting of the voice on the other end of the customer service line, check out Segura's video for highlights from the call.

A good rule to remember is to not be too trusting when it comes to giving out personal information. Avoid letting someone remotely control your computer, don't send pictures of your ID or credit cards over the Internet and be sure to double check URLs in the address bar of your browser. Also, anyone can look up the real Netflix customer service number and see that it doesn't match the scammers' number.

Happy streaming, and stay safe out there.

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