This Genius Tip Will Radically Improve Your Netflix Experience

We all contain multitudes.

The ostensible reason for creating new Netflix profiles is to match them with the separate human beings who use the account to watch shows and movies. The streaming service makes personalized suggestions based on different users' tastes. But what if you're the only person who uses your account? What if, instead of creating one profile for you and one for The Kids, or some such family-oriented nonsense, you created multiple profiles for your various moods? 

Imagine it: Each version of yourself -- whether you're feeling like a bright ray of sunshine or a lonely raindrop sliding down a cracked windowpane -- would receive spot-on recommendations based on viewing history. It's brilliant. 

A Twitter user shared this tip earlier this year, but we think more people should know about it.

Netflix allows users to create up to five profiles on one account. To add or manage them, click the username in the upper right corner of your Netflix home page and select "Manage Profiles." From there, you can assign yourselves different profile images and choose your language and maturity preferences.

Gizmodo points out that this method can also be used to separate recommendations by type (movies on one profile, television on another) or by genre (superheroes under one profile, urban dramas with strong female leads in another, "Jessica Jones" presumably trapped in some hellish no man's land in between). 

Netflix itself suggests splitting profiles by occasion -- such as "date night," "family night," etc. -- for recommendations that might satisfy the other people in your life, too.

But they can also look out for themselves, so go forth and celebrate your deeply nuanced persona through your video streaming account.

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