The Most-Watched Netflix Show May Surprise You

The Most-Watched Netflix Show May Surprise You

While Netflix may never release their ratings, we finally have an idea of what original shows their subscribers are watching.

Thanks to data acquired by San Diego-based firm Luth Research, Variety reveals some current viewership results that may surprise you. According to their analysis, "Daredevil" was watched by more subscribers on its first day of release than "House of Cards" Season 3, "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," "Marco Polo" and "Bloodline" were on their release days.

Luth Reasearch analyzed a sample of 2,500 Netflix customers' viewing habits and found that 10.7 percent of subscribers watched at least one episode of the Marvel series within its first 11 days on Netflix. When it comes to month-long data, 7.3 percent of the sample watched "Kimmy Schmidt" during the month since its premiere compared to 6.5 percent, who watched the third season of "House of Cards" 30 days after it debuted. Check out Variety's graphic charting the viewership here.

It's important to note, however, that Luth Research's data doesn't include any Netflix accounts streaming from TVs via an internet connection or gaming console. The company's viewing behavior tool only tracked subscribers watching from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

This isn't the first time a third-party company has provided information about what Netflix shows people are watching, though. Last year after "House of Cards" premiered its second season, Internet traffic management company Procera Networks released data claiming that viewership had increased since the series premiere the previous year. But we're still likely not going to get official numbers from Netflix any time soon.

The streaming service has long held the stance of keeping their ratings private. Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos said last year that ratings are "an irrelevant measure of success for us." The company has also said that they don't release figures since they don't rely on advertising like other television networks. But further insight is on the way. Nielsen plans to use a new technology to measure Netflix and Amazon Prime viewing, the latter of which also keeps figures private, later this year.

Netflix was not immediately available for comment.

For the full ratings report, head to Variety.

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