The 10 Most Popular Shows On Netflix Right Now (April 27)

"Outer Banks" and the Vox show "Coronavirus, Explained" top the list.
Chase Stokes, left, and Rudy Pankow in "Outer Banks"
Chase Stokes, left, and Rudy Pankow in "Outer Banks"

The Netflix show “Outer Banks” is the most popular show on the streaming service, according to the company’s public ranking system.

“Outer Banks” is about beach teens searching for a hidden treasure. Last week it was in second place, behind the beach-centric reality show “Too Hot to Handle.” That reality show fell to fourth place this week, so it appears that “Outer Banks” has won the battle of the beaches.

Netflix Original shows fill nine of the Top 10 spots. Only the Paramount Network show “Waco” (starring Taylor Kitsch and Michael Shannon) broke that pattern; it’s at No. 3 this week.

The Vox news special “Coronavirus, Explained” earned the second-place spot. With a runtime of only 26 minutes, it’s an easy-to-watch primer on the current situation.

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10. “Money Heist” (Netflix Original)

9. “#blackAF” (Netflix Original)

8. “Absurd Planet” (Netflix Original)

7. “Tiger King” (Netflix Original)

6. “Ozark” (Netflix Original)

5. “The Last Kingdom” (Netflix Original)

4. “Too Hot to Handle” (Netflix Original)

2. “Coronavirus, Explained” (Netflix Original)

1. “Outer Banks” (Netflix Original)