'Netflix Adultery' Plagues 51% Of Relationships, According To Netflix

"Netflix adultery" refers to the act of watching a show "that was supposed to be our thing" without your partner, due to an obsession with said show and / or an overwhelming desire to find out what happens next. Side effects include having to fake shock in response to surprising plot turns and may result in trust issues. Netflix is currently investigating this phenomenon of rampant infidelity.

In a study of 2000 adults, 51 percent said they either had or would commit the act of betrayal. Of those who confessed to cheating, 41 percent refrained from sharing spoilers with their significant other. 21 percent admitted to watching the next episode while their partner was sleeping next to them in bed.

"Netflix adultery" can be prevented by obtaining a hobby, just going outside for once or picking up another TV show. Particularly addicting shows, like "Scandal" or "Breaking Bad," will increase your risk.

[via The Cut]



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