Networking in Facebook Group to Build Six Figure Business

Today, side hustles are a common thing for many millennials. Heather DeSantis is no different. Heather was a food publicist with a salary of $51,000 a year for over 3 years. She worked with nationally known food brands and restaurants and secured 35 segments per week for various clients across the country, for local and National media.

Heather knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur because she believed she was made to do more. Her dad and uncle were both very successful entrepreneurs and she saw the success they had through being involved in Real Estate.

Since my father passed away on Christmas my senior year of high school I felt the closest connection I could have with him was to follow in his footsteps and become an entrepreneur. Heather now works with entrepreneurial women who are 6-7 figure income earners as well as Health Coaches who want to create a buzz about their mission and business.

But it wasn't always this way. Before, Heather dabbled in entrepreneurship. First launching a store of rompers and headbands she repurposed from thrift stores, then to network marketing with Beach Body. Although, she was able to get her products into two local stores, she quickly learned her business idea was not profitable, there wasn't a demand for the product and she wasn't passionate about it.

I had no idea how to sew and can remember late night after late night crafting projects with my mom.

But she did find accomplishment and happiness with her Beach Body business.

I learned so much about business from my mentors and started to realize that in this day in age it is extremely possible to build a portable profitable business online. By building a business that is portable it allows you to work from wherever you want and really build a business around your life. I focused learning as much as I could about business, mindset, health and Beach Body to successfully build a business.

Then in June 2015 Heather went on vacation with her boyfriend and upon returning, her boss asked to meet for breakfast.

For 3 years I was so decimated to the company, gave them my heart and soul and never had imagined leaving. I was given an ultimatum... to continue to grow and prosper with the company and to give up Beach Body or to stay with Beach Body. She thought it was a conflict of interest and honestly I think was afraid. I have so much gratitude to everything I learned from my time at the agency but I felt pushed in a corner and felt in my heart that the choice was choosing me. I know how much passion I have and how results driven I was so it was now finally time to choose ME and to step into my destiny of being an entrepreneur. I sent a letter of resignation that day and a few days later I had my pay check retracted because I did not give them 2 weeks notice.

After that, Heather continued to be a part of Beach Body but losing her job meant a loss of income and moving back home with her mom. Then in November she started working as a freelance Publicist. She got the idea from a Facebook group that she was in and in the fall of 2015 started offering free PR Coffee Talks in the Facebook Groups.

Facebook groups proved to be key to the launch and growth of Heather's burgeoning PR business when she discovered Snowe Saxman.

I loved everything that she stood for and wanted to align with her because she was a Christian and a multiple six figure earner. I reached out to her asking if we could hop on the phone, as I would LOVE to share with her what I am up to and see if there was any way to help her. We had an amazing call and 1 week later I had secured my first monthly client. Since working with Snowe I have rapidly built a business from referrals. My clients are so happy with their results that they tag me on Facebook and from that I get new clients.

Today, Heather consistently has five figure months and is set to make six figures from her part time PR business. She continues to work at the gym where she helps people with their health and wellness goals along with her own fitness goals.For now, she's focused on learning key lessons like leadership and management from a successful business while growing her own successful business.

I am excited to build a life first and to build my business around that.

Heather is just an example of how your passion and tools you are probably already using, like Facebook, can help you launch and really grow your side hustle.