Nevada’s GOP Caucus Appears To Be Completely FUBAR

The situation resembles what top political analysts would deem a "crap storm."

Once doors opened to Republican voters at caucus sites across Nevada Tuesday evening, it wasn't long before reports of chaos amid high turnout began trickling in.

GOP officials had some concerns in the days leading up to the caucuses about whether Nevada was sufficiently prepared for the big event. The state doesn’t have a lot of experience running caucuses, since it only began administering the system in 2008. Nevada also had problems tallying votes during the GOP's 2012 caucus -- in that instance, it took three days to determine the final results.

Reporters at several caucus locations described a chaotic scene Tuesday, with overwhelmed volunteer poll workers running out of ballots and in some cases failing to check voter identification.

Some poll workers wore clothing expressing their support of specific candidates, a fact that surprised many reporters. BuzzFeed, citing an unnamed state GOP source, reported that caucus volunteers are allowed to wear such attire. The Nevada Republican Party tweeted the same thing later in the evening.

Below are some more eyewitness tweets from the caucus craziness in Nevada:

This story has been updated with information about caucus volunteers being allowed to wear clothing in support of specific candidates.

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